​Despite acupuncture's effectiveness and remarkable ability to alleviate pain, promote the free-flow of life force energy, and assist in the body's own innate healing ability, it is extremely important for all of our patients to understand the fact that acupuncture is in no way, shape or form presented by Great Tiger Acupuncture, P.C.  to replace western medicine for any medical condition.  All patients are strongly encouraged to seek western medical care under a licensed physician BEFORE seeking acupuncture therapy.  Despite acupuncture's origins as a potent, stand alone medical system in its own right, there is simply no substitute for modern medicine.  Therefore, we urge our patients to embrace acupuncture as it fits into the truly "holistic" approach to modern health care, and that is as a strong ally and complementary medical technique to modern conservative therapy.  We believe that when "East meets West" and the techniques of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine join forces with the modern medical world, there are no limits as to what the human body may be truly capable of.

Colin C., M.D.

“Gabriel Guzman is a caring, compassionate, and skilled acupuncturist to whom I have referred numerous patients over the years. Without hesitation, I give him my highest recommendation.”

– Colin C., M.D.

Ernesto M., D.C.

“We own a multiple discipline health care facility, and we wanted to offer our patients the most comprehensive and effective care possible, so we contracted Gabriel to provide acupuncture therapy to our patients.  All I can say is that he has been an incredible asset to our team of established health care providers.  His vast knowledge of acupuncture combined with

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Mike L., L.Ac.

“I have been treated by many practitioners – including some masters – and I can say without reservation that no one has provided a treatment that has been as gentle yet effective as Gabriel’s.  He is the first practitioner that I think of referring my patients to if I am indisposed, and the one I would seek if I were

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Mary S., D.C.        

“I am a chiropractor and I work with Gabriel.  We treat the same patients in our clinic.  In speaking with him and overhearing his interactions with patients, I know he has a very compassionate and caring heart.  He is always willing to go above and beyond in order to make patients feel comfortable and deliver the best care.  I have

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